2008 Sermons

St. John Lutheran Church in Libby, Montana

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12-28-08 Amazing Peace
12-21-08 The Annunciation
12-14-08 The Voice
12-07-08 The Mouth of the Lord has Spoken
11-30-08 The King of Manger, Donkey and Cross
11-27-08 Giving Thanks using the Lord's Prayer
Funeral Sermon for Guenther Erich Schauss
11-16-08 Judgment Day Surprise
11-09-08 Finding God where He Truly Is
10-31-08 The Childishness of the Christian Faith
09-28-08 Caring for the Vineyard of the Lord
Funeral Sermon for Rose Schliep
Western News Obituary
09-21-08 A Time for Humility
09-14-08 The Parable of the Workers
09-07-08 About Forgiveness
Funeral Sermon for Eva Oldham
Western News Obituary
08-24-08 Peter Gets it Wrong
07-15-08 Funeral Sermon for Mildred Baker
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07-13-08 There is no other God!
07-06-08 Good soil produces good fruit
06-22-08 Whoever Loses His Life for My Sake
06-15-08 The more you fear God, the less you fear!
06-08-08 Freely, you have received... freely give
05-25-08 The True Foundation!
05-18-08 Trinitarian and Christian
04-09-08 Sermon for Carol Petek
Western News Obituary
03-30-08 Just Wait. You'll See
03-23-08 Easter - Only Jesus Can Roll Away Stones
03-16-08 A Matter of Attitude
02-17-08 Christ and Cultural Religion
02-10-08 The Temptation of our Lord
02-03-08 The Transfiguration of our Lord
01-27-08 Groping in the Darkness or Living in the Light?
01-13-08 The Baptism of our Lord
01-06-08 Who is Jesus??? And who are you ???
01-03-08 Sermon for Sonya Anne Neisess
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