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What's Happening at St. John Lutheran Church
Week of May 15, 2022

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Stewardship Notes

Revelation 21:1 – “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.”
The things of this world are passing away. We are waiting for a new heaven and a new earth, which have been promised to us in Christ. This knowledge is foundational for our stewardship of what God has put into our hands. That is truly important? What is worthy of our support? How has God called us to use "unrighteous mammon" for the good of our neighbor and His kingdom?

Baptized Today - Griffin Cole, son of Seath and Carrie.
Grayson and James Snyder, sons of Walter and Brianna.

Confirmed Today - Walter and Brianna Snyder. We welcome all of you into God's family and our church family. God's richest blessings. Keep them in your prayers. A reception in the basement following worship.

No Host Lunch - May 17th Noon at Chinese. Sign up list in the back.

Concordia Seminary - the Spring issue of their magazine has a two-page article on DCE Mark Kempff. A copy of it is on the "In the News" bulletin board.

Cards for Libby Care Center – All cards need to be done; however, sympathy cards are needed ASAP. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Wedding Invitation – Scott and Letty Miller have cordially invited St John Lutheran members to the marriage of their daughter Jessica Marie Miller on October 8th  in Helena. The invitation and RSVP card is on the billboard in the back of the church for more information.

Vacation Bible School – July 11-15 we have the starter kit. We have two volunteers, more are needed. If you feel the Holy Spirit calling you to serve, contact Freda ASAP.

School Supply Drive – through August 21 we are taking donations of items to benefit students at the Christian School and Ms. Lisa's class. Ms. Lisa would like Kleenex, Lysol wipes, college ruled loose paper and #2 Ticonderoga pencils. KVCS would like wide rule loose paper, pencil boxes, watercolor paint, white board cleaner, graph paper, compass, and scientific calculators. Your help (big or small) will be appreciated.
Donation box in the kitchen.

Welcome Visitors – we are blessed to have you join us for Divine Service today. We kindly request you sign our Guest Book at the back of the church and/or fill out a Welcome Card and place it in the offering plate. Thank You.