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What's Happening at St. John Lutheran Church
Week of June 20, 2021

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Stephen Ministry Facts

“Joy Is Gone from Our Hearts; Our Dancing Has Turned to Mourning” (Lamentations 5:15).

Do you remember when you and she danced on your anniversary?
The silver in her hair reminded you only of how beautiful she had become for you through the years.
Now her pain fills the days.
Now her illness is emptying your life.
Will the two of you every dance again?
Through the waiting, it helps to talk. A Stephen Minister would like to listen.

A (new) training class for Stephen Ministries is starting soon. Consider this ministry opportunity. For more information, contact Pastor Thomas, Betty Textor or Abbe Heemeier. Be a working Christian.

Stewardship Notes:

Luke 15:5   – “And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing.”

The Lord Jesus came to seek and save what was lost. He came to put us back in the family of the Father and restore us to the kingdom of God. We are now new creatures in Christ Jesus. When we were claimed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism, we receive new desires, new priorities, and new zeal for the things of God. We have been found. Let our lives reflect this fact!

Faith Steps – (A rerun of Jan. 17)

A poem to memorize –
Teach us, Lord to use time wisely, So we make our efforts count.
Help us keep our mental cool.
Even when life’s pressures mount.
Fred Bauer, author

Treats for the men – Sunday School has a plate of “sweet treats” for all men over 18. God bless all the dads of our church.

Thanks – to Carol Anderson for her donation of 19 t shirts and 3 bed sheets, They will keep the sewing club busy for a while.

 Next Sunday – Party for Thomas family -Potluck after worship. Provided: chicken, rolls, lefse and drinks.
No desserts needed – Charlene making 3 kinds of cheesecake,
Signup sheet in the back, if you plan on eating chicken or call Freda by the 25th.
We will celebrate 25 years of marriage for Pastor and Lisa and the 10th anniversary of Pastor’s installation at St. John’s. Card tree in the basement.

Scholarships – Montana LCMS District is offering scholarships to members of Montana District congregations who are studying for full time work in the church at an LCMS institution of higher education. If interested see me for an application.
The Deadline to apply is June 30th. 
s/Julie Foote

Join us on June 29th – for an evening of conversation and exploration of God’s plan for us facilitated by Reverend Billy Brath of LCEF. This all-congregation event begins our Ministry Clarity work with us prayerfully exploring God’s vision for our congregation and what He is calling us to do next. There is no preparation required and a meal will be provided. Come as you are, ready to explore. Please join us – this process only works with your involvement!