The Holy Trinity

June 4th -10th, 2023

Life Thoughts from Lutherans For Life – Festival of the Holy Trinity  –  The care that Father, Son, and Spirit enact by creating humankind in His image makes every member of our race precious (Genesis11:26-27). He reserves for Himself alone the right to decide how they live and when they die. Ultimate authority belongs to Jesus alone (Acts 2:36). We get the privilege and responsibility of teaching everyone that they also may believe it (Matthew 28:20)!

Weekly Announcements

Welcome Visitors – we are blessed to have you join us for Divine Service today. We kindly request you sign our Guest Book at the back of the church and/or fill out a Welcome Card and place it in the offering plate. Thank You.

Graduation Reception – Come downstairs after worship to congratulate Piper on her graduation.

Church at Libby Care Center – Wednesday, the 7th at 10:00. Helpers are needed and appreciated.

Bridal Shower for Sarah Kirschenmann on Saturday, June 10th at 1:00 pm at the church. They have no registry. There will be a honeymoon fund box if you wish to give to it.

Birthday Box – If you have a June birthday, you are encouraged to thank God for the Life He’s given you. Place 10 cents for every year of your life in the box with the red bow on it. You may do more, the amount is up to you. All ages can participate – donation is entirely optional. 

School Supplies – for Ms. Lisa’s 3rd  grade class at Libby Elementary. Needed: Kleenex, Clorox or Lysol wipes, and Ticonderoga #2 pencils. Deadline is August 20th. The donation box is in the kitchen.

VBS – Two positions left to fill: Music and grade 1 – 3 Teacher. Contact Freda (ASAP) if willing and able to serve in one of those capacities.

Remember in your Prayers –All students who have or will graduate this month, especially Piper Snyder, who graduated high school yesterday, and for Caleb and Karley Thomas, recently married. Pray God will bless all of them as they begin new chapters in their lives.

No more Sunday School until September 10th. 

Save the DateJuly 29th , 9-3. Rummage sale at the Christian School gym. Start gathering your donations. 

Libby Pregnancy Center sent out their first newsletter in May! A copy of it is in the back. Some highlights:

  • In January, they subscribed to BrightCourt, an online Earn While You Learn parenting resource that offers clients parenting classes that can be done at the center or on their clients’ phones.
  • The Pregnancy Center now has a new website –
  • If you would like to help bake for them, get ahold of Laura Fosgate by leaving a message at PCC (406-293-9435).
  • Three pro-life bills are being proposed in Montana.