2006 Sermons

St. John Lutheran Church in Libby, Montana

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12-03-06 Ears to Hear
Sermon In Memoriam -  Mary Hilliard
11-05-06 Reformation Righteousness
10-22-06 Not what the world Expects!
10-08-06 The Word of God for Jeramiah and for You
09-24-06 Strong Enough?
09-03-06 Bread & Life... and what it means
08-20-06 The Whole Bread of God
08-06-06 Shepherds, Sheep and the Word of God
07-16-06 In Christ we do not fear death!
07-02-06 Pleasing to Christ
06-18-06 Preaching Christ Crucified
06-09-06 In Memoriam - Carolyn Miller
06-04-06 "The Living Waters of Pentecost"
05-21-06 "The Spirit of Truth and Error"
05-06-06 In Memoriam - Betty Bell
04-23-06 That your Joy may be Full
04-16-06 I will not die, but I shall live...
04-09-06 A Confident and Joyful Heart
04-02-06 Peace in the Father's Will