2007 Sermons

St. John Lutheran Church in Libby, Montana

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12-25-07 Delivered to You
12-24-07 The Living Nativity
12-23-07 Would you Believe It?
09-26-07 These Parables Are NOT About Somebody Else
09-15-07 June Clark's Funeral Sermon
(Obituary Western News)
09-09-07 Move up to a Better Place
09-02-07 The Narrow way...What's it mean?
08-26-07 Fire, Baptism, Division
08-19-07 Wishing Does not Make it So, The Word of God Does!
08-05-07 Right Prayer
07-29-07 "The Joyful Confession Made by Faith"
07-08-07 Who do you say you are?
07-01-07 Life's Most Pressing Question
06-24-07 It's Always about Jesus
06-10-07 "God's Word, God's Life"
05-20-07 "Christ's Hallowed Touch Brings Sanctity"
05-06-07 "Created to be Loved and to Love"
04-29-07 Christ's Loving Hands
04-22-07 "What Has Jesus Been Doing Since His Resurrection?
What Jesus Did for Paul He Does for You"
04-01-07 Assurance of Salvation
03-25-07 "He shall come. . . and shall give the vineyard to others."
03-11-07 "You are in this, Too"
02-25-07 God's Word...God's Lens
02-18-07 "Prepared to Die, Prepared to Live"
02-16-07 Funeral Sermon for Donald L. Sleizer
(Obituary Western News)
02-11-07 Christ's Assurance in an Unsure World
01-28-07 Understanding the Gift of Tongues
01-14-07 God's Power and Will to Give
01-13-07 Funeral Sermon for Marv A. Norris
01-07-07 The Baptism of our Lord